Tammy, Practice Administrator







Children: Matt & Eleni


Bree Ava, Yorkshire Terrier (2011)

Mia, Chihuahua Mix (2014)

Grand Pets:

Tabby, Domestic Shorthair (2015)

Ike, Pomeranian/Chihuahua Mix (2016)

Rory, Domestic Shorthair (2021)

I have been at Epperson’s since 10/2001. I have lived in many places around the world. My dad worked for Texaco and we lived near Chicago IL and Houston TX. As a Military spouse, I have lived in Athens Greece, visited Crete and Santorini (my daughter’s name is from Greece), San Antonio TX (my son was born there), the Netherlands, Germany, Altus OK, and finally settled back in Indiana. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have had. I had the great privilege of working with Dr. Epperson for 6 years. I became a manager in 2005 and have enjoyed every day I have come to work.

The thing I enjoy the most, is meeting all the pets and their parents. I have become “Auntie” to many. I love the people I work with and could not ask for better friends. They have helped me through some very hard times. Many clients have become very dear friends. I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Maddie, The Real Boss

Certifications: Napping, Snacking, and Sassitude

Spouse: I’m an independent woman

Children: Dr. Brittany said no!

The only birthday that matters is mine….. April 20, 2017

I came here as a tiny stray kitten looking for a home. The doctor was going to fix me up and find me a family, but the girls at the front desk had other plans. They fell for my cuteness and now I’m their boss! I hold down the fort and make sure they do their job. I really enjoy eating, laying in front of the heaters, playing in boxes, and occasional snuggles. My favorite hobby is looking extra cute until someone pets my belly, just so I can nibble their fingers! Shhhhh!

My favorite things about my home are the big giant windows so I can soak up the sun all day. Also, when my minions give me extra treats. Oh, and all the boxes when the UPS guy comes. This place is pretty alright, I guess.

Kayla, CSR/Office Manager








Spouse: BobbieAnn

Children: Sophie


Batman: Miniature Pinscher, born 2009

Cats: Harvey (2015), Selina (2017), Grayson (2018)

I started here in Aug. 2014. When I’m not at work, I enjoy reading, family game nights, and binging Netflix while cuddling my dog. True crime documentaries, Greys Anatomy, and Golden Girls are my favorite.

I love getting to know all our clients, as well as their pets. The puppy and kitten snuggles are definitely a perk, but the relationships I’ve built with our clients over the years is priceless!

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

Ashley, Veterinary Assistant/CSR








Spouse: Nina, Fiancé

Children: Ava, Daughter


3 dogs: Elsa (Blue Nose Pitbull) & Luke and Maevis (Chiweenies)

1 cat: Stache

I have an amazing old soul of a daughter, Ava, and a fun-loving fiancée, Nina. They are my favorite travel companions! Other than my strong passion for all types of animals, I really enjoy nature, the outdoors, horror movies, and anything water-related! Kayaking has become my favorite hobby. I also very much enjoy reading, writing, and painting.

The entire staff at Epperson is amazing. Everyone is super friendly. Even though we are a small staff, we work together very well to make sure every pet and every client is taken care of. Dr. Switzer’s passion for animals really shows in her work, and our relief vet, Dr. Christmas, is very dedicated to understanding each pet’s needs.

Sarah, Veterinary Assistant

Spouse: Christian

Children: Raeleigh-Ann (Expected 6/2022)


Paisley-Lab Mix (2014)

Jessie-Husky Mix (2/2021)

3 Cats

I have been in animal care for 5 years as of 2022. Outside of animal care, I enjoy doing all things outdoors with my husband and traveling to new places for new memories!

I like getting to work with a good team, patient-client interaction, and client education and interaction.

Tristan, Veterinary Assistant


Mila Louise, Cat

Jinx, Cat

I enjoy reading and hiking. I like to read mysteries and thrillers, and I love to listen to True Crime Podcast.

I love working with animals and doing anything I can to help them and their owners.

Christine, Veterinary Assistant

Degrees: MS – Animal Science/Agriculture – Murray State University

Spouse: John

Children: Emma, Emily, Shae


Willow, Doberman

Sweety, Cat

I have been in the veterinary field for over 15 years. I have lived in Hawaii, so naturally, I do not like the cold.

I like the great staff, everyone is friendly and gets along great. I like getting to meet all our cat and dog clients.

Customer Service Representatives

Amber, CSR/Veterinary Assistant

Spouse: James


Jasmine, Papillon/Pomeranian Mix, born 2016

Gabby, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, born 2019

Chewie, Pomeranian/Dachshund Mix, unknown

Road tripping is my favorite. I love to learn and experience new things. Hawaii is the best place I have visited. I would live there if I could.

I love the little family we have here at Epperson’s. A little dysfunctional at times, but still family.