Tammy Jackson, Practice Manager

Tammy has been at EVS since 2001. She was fortunate to have about 6 years working with Dr. Epperson. She became a Practice Manager in 2005. She loves visiting her kids, and family. She has had many great opportunities being a military spouse. She has lived in Greece, Texas, Holland, Germany, and Oklahoma. She is from a strong Military family. She loves shopping, reading, and traveling. She as a yorkie named Bree Ava, and a smooth coated chihuahua named Mia.


What she likes best about working at EVS:

“It is the first job that I have looked forward to coming into every day. I love meeting all the wonderful pets and their families. We have the best team you could ask for. It is a joy to be spending the day with the people here.”


Veterinary Technicians

Morgan, RVT

She has been at Epperson since August 2017. I started in the veterinary field as a kennel tech/groomer, and is now a Registered Veterinary Technician. She has always enjoyed working with animals and have always known that’s what she wanted to do. If she’s not at work, she is probably hanging out on the couch with her dogs watching tv or reading. She has a beagle/chihuahua mix named Trigg and a dachshund mix named Toad, and a cat named Eleanor.

What you like best about working at EVS:

“I like the environment of learning and encouragement from all of the staff as we all continue to grow in this field together. “




She has been working in the veterinary field since 2007, and with Epperson since March 2012. In her free time she enjoys crafts like painting and cross-stitch, or exploring the outdoors with her family. She has a small zoo in our her home which includes 3 cats, doves, snakes, lizards, and a tarantula. Her and her fiancé also run the local reptile society and rescue, so they always have a group of foster reptiles as well!

What you like best about working at EVS:

“I enjoy meeting all people who love their pets as much as I do, and helping owners get the best care for their pets.”


She has been with Epperson since August of 2014. When I’m not at work, I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with my family and pets. I have a miniature pinscher named Batman and 3 cats named Harvey, Selina, and Grayson.

What you like best about working at EVS:

“Getting to know all our clients and developing relationships with them and their pets.”




She went to Murray State for 2 years and play violin. She has Jasmine, a Pomeranian/Papillion Mix.

What you like best about working at EVS:

“I love the sense of community we have here. I know that they would have my back if something were to happen.”






She has Lilee the Lion Head, Liza the Leopard Gecko, Rocky Alec the Great Pyrenees, Riley Charles the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Zoey Ann the Mini Australian Shepherd. In her free time she likes to take her dogs on walks, go back to Illinois to visit family, and spend time with her friends. 

What you like best about working at EVS:

“I love spending time with my amazing co-workers!”




She is currently attending USI and majoring in Biology. She is a triplet and outside of work she enjoys running, reading, and watching movies. She has Cutie Pie the Miniature Schnauzer, Breezer the Great Pyrenees mix, and also some chickens and goats.

What you like best about working at EVS:

“I enjoy being around all the dogs and cats and getting to take care of members of your family. I love learning about how to treat animals and being around such a supportive staff.”



She is currently a Vet Tech student at Owensboro Community and Technical College. She first got her start in the veterinary world when she was a senior in high school, stepped back from it for a while and decided that veterinary medicine was her passion. She has her dog Charlie who is a yorkie mix.

What you like best about working at EVS:

“What I like best about working at EVS is my co-workers everyone works well together and steps in as needed without any hesitation. I also like that Dr. Switzer will explain why she does certain things and is willing to teach me and answers any questions that I have.”